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Thursday, October 22, 2009

The new B&N Nook ereader; a taste of Write Now Quotes

Music I'm listening to: "The Love Parade" by The Dream Academy, followed by "Mr. Plain" by Nick Heyward (formerly of Haircut 100). Okay, you have to be a New Wave 80s junkie to know that one, but there you go.

Well, a day without email is no fun. One of my webhost's servers borked, and with it my website and my email. This glitch is happening just three weeks after the last lovely tech debacle, when my email (hosted by a separate company at that time) went down. Frustrated, I moved my email service back to my webhost...and now this. Have I been cursed by a god of technology? Hmm. Well, I won't sent this post out until all is well again. ::twiddling thumbs::

Ahh, there now, finally all better. Website is up and email is back. (Amazing how lost one feels these days without email...)

In other news, if you haven't yet signed up for my Write Now Quotes newsletter (what do you mean, you haven't!?), go here for a lil' taste of what you're missing.

WNQ will bring you motivation and inspiration for your writing. (Psst, a little secret: even non-writers will find the motivation useful.) And it goes out only once every week or two, so it won't clog your inbox. Win-win. Surf to to subscribe.

On Tuesday, Barnes and Noble announced its new e-reader, the Nook. It's slated to ship on November 30, but is available for pre-orders now. As we get closer to the ship date and reviewers get their hands on the device, I look forward to the head-to-head comparisons with the Amazon Kindle--and to further innovations by both companies and the many others leaping into the e-reader market. Score for consumers and readers! (I looooove my Kindle, e-reader, as longtime readers will remember.) What do you think about the Nook and e-readers?


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