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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Submission Tidbits Time

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A new week is upon us (yes, I'm aware that it's Tuesday), and I feel like rounding up more useful articles and links.

A Kossack's Guide to Book Publishing is a seven-part (so far) crash course from a multi-pubbed author and former NYC editor and book packager. I have a couple of very minor quibbles with bits of it—for example, if you're sending book chapters to an agent or editor and don't have an offer yet, I suggest you don't include your SSN. They'll get that from you if they take you on. (Short stories, though, can be a different animal.) Anyway, this is a good article series for newbies, and has important gems for the more initiated, too.

Editor and blogger Anna Genoese (who's a hoot—I met her in the bar at RWA National in Denver or NYC eons ago, and sat in on Tor Spotlight she and the hilarious Melissa Ann Singer did at this year's National.) Anyway, Anna has an excellent post dissecting rejection letter wordings. Be sure to delve into the links to get all the goodies.

Speaking of goodies and rejection letters, this Slushkiller post from Teresa Nielsen Hayden is fabulous. As writers, we all think a rejection letter (and I prefer to call them declines) is the end of the world, at least for an hour or two—but do make sure you don't act like the poor sods mentioned here. The world does go on. Really.


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