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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

If you love romance novels I certainly do, check out the following.

First, Smart Bitches Who Love Trashy Novels. Their slogan is "All of the romance, none of the bullshit." Today's post is particularly relevant. Be sure to click on the "More, more, more!" for an excellent rant.

Next, as pointed out in the above blog, there's a new listserv called RomanceScholar—"A Listserv for Scholars and Teachers of Romance Fiction". Huzzah! As a Ph.D., former academic, and a romance lover, I've always been peeved by the perception of romance within the academia. And without.

If you're the type to enjoy the above listserv, you may want to peruse A Natural History of the Romance Novel by Pamela Regis, an English professor and advocate of the genre.

Which reminds me of a previous, edited book about romance novels and perceptions...the title of which escapes me. The editor, too, darn it. Judith Ivory, perhaps? I can't recall, and I'm feeling a mite lazy to Google it at the moment. The book is inevitably mentioned in at least one workshop at every romance conference I attend, where I make, alas, yet another mental note to track it down for a read. If any of you astute visitors know of this particular book, spill the details, please.

Finally, because ofttimes romance readers need an excellent sense of humor to abide the covers on our beloved books, or at least I do, check out Longmire does Romance Novels, and these additional reader submissions. Tell me your favorite. Warning: these links may induce coffee-spewing.

Hmm, someone remind me to divulge why the classic "clinch" romance covers exist (and continue to plague us). When I found out, I had a facial-twitch moment.


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