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Monday, May 22, 2006

What Agents Want

Music I'm listening to: Nothing, as hubby is in the bedroom of our timeshare, sleeping soundly. We're in gorgeous Phuket, Thailand on our honeymoon, still dealing with jetlag, though it's getting better. It's close to 9 a.m. here, and gaining on 7 p.m. yesterday at home. (Love that International Dateline.) I think I'm on schedule here--though I've only got a few days to enjoy that, before we head back home with 24-plus hours of flight time between here and there. Meanwhile, we're contributing in our own small way to the tsunami-affected economy by pigging out on fabulous Thai food and enjoying massages on the beach. Life's good...

Agent Kristin Nelson has several good blog posts about the manuscripts that got away from her. Read Parts One, Two, and Three for useful insight into decisions on submissions.

Agent Jenny Rappaport has a new post listing her preferences for manuscript submission format. Her formatting prefs are pretty much standard for the industry, so this is good info. Be sure to follow the links.


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