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Friday, May 12, 2006


Want to know what's zooming in commercial fiction these days? Here's my agent's take.

The erotica surge is definitely intriguing. Seems like every publisher on Earth is opening up an erotica or erotic romance line. A fad, you ask? Well, many things in publishing are. (We can play nice and call them "cycles" instead of "fads".) Either way, I like steamy books, and it's great fun to see them selling. I also enjoy books with great characters who don't spend most of their time bedding each other. Luckily, there's room in publishing for all kinds.

[SHAMELESS PLUG COMING UP. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.] Do you like erotic romance? Consider the books of Shelby Reed. She's a friend worth her weight in latinum*, my favorite critique partner, and an enthralling author of lush settings and gorgeous prose. If you like your books hot AND romantic, she's a great bet.

*Yeah, I mean latinum. Anyone else an unabashed Star Trek geek?


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