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Monday, July 03, 2006

Writing Conference Packing List

I'm listening to: CNN. I'm a bit of a news junkie.

Time for me to gear up for the annual Romance Writers of America National Conference. I LOVE this conference—smart and motivated women writers, great workshops, and enough excitement to fill the heart of any novelist. This year, the conference is in Atlanta (my former hometown), and I'll get to visit with my mother, not to mention hang out with friends and critique buddies. In fact, after knowing my favorite critique partner and wonderful friend Shelby Reed for the past six years online, we're finally going to meet in 3D and be roommates for the conference.

All this energy makes me doubly careful not to forget anything. (Besides, I'm an anal listmaker.) So I love articles about what to bring. My own list is ten times longer than any other list I've seen, but again, I'm anal. And no, for me it's not about clothes. I have only two or three comfortable and spif conference outfits I bring every year. (grin) Anyway, here's an article to help out writing conference first-timers.


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