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Monday, June 19, 2006

Meows and StyleWriter

Sorry for the delay in blog posts, folks. One of our kitties has been peeing on our carpets, tile, towels, clothes, etc. Ugh. Worse, we couldn't tell which kitty was the perp. We finally have that figured out—we hope—and have a vet appointment today to see if it's a medical issue. (Frankly, we hope it is, though one that's solvable with prescriptions/treatment. From everything I've been reading, a strictly behavioral problem will be a LOT harder to mend. Sigh.)

In writing news:

As a writer and a coach for writers, I love checking out new software and tools. Although I'm a Mac devotee, I'm PC-bilingual, so I bought StyleWriter (Windows-only, dang it) last week. I ran four chapters of my latest novel manuscript through it, and though it didn't do the one thing for which I'd bought it—yes, ironic—I found it an interesting and perhaps worthwhile piece of software. More about that in a later post.

For now, please wish us luck at the vet's.


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