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Saturday, December 16, 2006

What a week! :-D

HUGE congratulations to two of my clients, Jan and Leigh, who both received terrific (and well-deserved) news this week. After working hard to write and hone their nonfic book proposals, each received a request from the very first agent she contacted. Yahoo!

I'm SO very proud. Both agents are highly respected, and while there are never any guarantees, this kind of hole-in-one from the first contact is a lovely validation. Leigh told me how delighted she was that the care and effort we invested in her query letter and proposal have more than paid off. (Thanks for the compliments, Leigh—I was grinning for hours afterwards.) Jan got her request based on some very savvy networking on her part, and was then able to use her wonderfully reworded (and still virginal) query to rev up the intro of her proposal. Ladies, the revisions you've made in the last few months rock—and so do the two of you. I'm so jazzed to be able to help bring your wonderful books to life.

In short: You GO, Girls! There's a long road ahead—the publishing world can be a bitch that way—but may this happy news be a sign of a marvelous future for you and your manuscripts. Hugs all around!


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