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Thursday, February 01, 2007


Good evening, folks! After my near-acquaintance with Death last month, I confess I'm a little behind on tackling my New Year's resolutions. (How are you doing with yours, dear readers?) Fortunately, I'm happy to report I now have two clean desks, a visible office floor, a dining room table empty of all extraneous piles (just in time for hubby's Superbowl party on Sunday), a daily to-do list short enough to actually complete each day, a new organizational and filing system that rocks, three terrific new clients (hooray!), and my blissful infatuation with the revisions to my WIP. Life is good!

Ah, speaking of New Year's resolutions, as well as my dance with Death (if one can be said to dance when laid out cold on a hospital gurney), here's a useful site that's helped me shed some pounds AND keep track of my water intake. (Water tracking is very important for those of us blessed—shyeah—with kidney stones.) Basic membership is free free free.

Not free, but certainly worthwhile :) are the changes I've made to my coaching packages for writers. (I changed them some time ago and kept forgetting to blog about the new prices and options. How silly is that?!) Check out the good stuff here at my main website,


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