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Friday, November 10, 2006

A Drive-By Hello & Agent Stuff

Sorry about the lengthy silence; I'm gunning for a writing deadline, so please excuse me while I have my head down for a few more weeks. The following posts caught my eye, and I'll pop up when I find more good stuff to share.

First, J.A. Konrath has a post on his agency's blog about what to look for in an agent—and how to be a good client.

Speaking of agents, Kristin Nelson discusses what happens at those lunch dates they have with editors—and how these contacts help you, the writer.

These remind me of an excellent book by agent Lori Perkins, The Insider's Guide to Getting an Agent. She's the lead at my agency (IOW, my agent's boss), and I read the book when I signed on. It's fantastic! Extremely helpful, all sorts of information about what an agent's day is REALLY like, and exactly what goes on behind the scenes in publishing. There's a lot of smart advice about how you can help your agent (and thus your own career). Definitely worth putting on your bookshelf, and I'd feel that way even if I were with another agency.

Okay, back to the grindstone for me. My nose is getting nice and shiny from it. :)

Happy writing, folks!