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Friday, June 29, 2007

And I mustn't forget...

Big, belated congratulations to my client Jan, who now has a well-respected agent to market her "Band of Brothers" meets "On Golden Pond" father-daughter memoir. You GO, girl! (And just keep writing!)

Aw, you missed me :)

(sniff) Thanks for the sweet inquiry, Anonymous Readers. I'm okay, just quiet lately, finishing up a book, catching up with some of the Life I'd put off while doing that, and preparing for the Romance Writers of America national conference in a couple of weeks.

And fortunately, we don't live near the Tahoe fire, though we have friends of friends who have lost their homes. I can empathize. When I was eight, a kitchen fire (due to a short in the stove) burned much of our house and smoke-damaged the rest and everything in it. Recovery's a long road, even with insurance. I'm sending thoughts and good wishes to all those affected--and to the firefighters and emergency crews who risk their lives to keep the rest of us safe.

Anyway, folks, I'll get back to the swing of things with this blog. Thanks for letting me know it's made a difference to you. :)