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Thursday, February 01, 2007

Agent Opinions

Here's a tidbit dedicated to my wonderful clients Jan and Leigh, who are deep in the agent query stage. Lori Perkins mentioned in a recent post that her agency gets 30,000 queries in a year. Yep, that means an average of 2500 unsolicited queries a month, or 125 each workday... That's enough mail/email to make even John Wayne shudder.

(J&L: 30,000! All that competition... So doesn't this make the good news and requests you're getting all the sweeter? :-D )

Lori's post also has an interesting take on snailmail vs. email submissions to editors in The Modern Age.

Speaking of agent queries, Jenny Rappaport shares a useful list of what she wants to see in a query (and what she really doesn't!). I love her examples of bad and good hooks. Read, enjoy, and learn.


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